Simple, free and customizable: your desktop at your service
Find your favorite content in just one clic!
Choose from 1000 free Apps
Customize your dock
Receive the information you are interested in, in real-time
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The App Store designed for Windows
Free download
Standard version : application for Windows 2000 and later,
guaranteed spyware and adware free
Your favourite content in just one click
Over 1000 Free Apps
A faster access to the web
  News and great deals in real-time
Find your favourite content in just one click

News, games, Facebook, emails, web TV, videos, YouTube, shortcuts, Rss feeds, podcast… all your content is accessible in one click on your PC

Easy: just click on one of the icons on the dock to access the information you want!

Customize the content of your toolbar

Thanks to the Bubble Store, you will be given access to a catalogue with 100% free applications chosen from over one thousand apps, ministores, RSS feeds, podcasts, videos, shortcuts...

Access your web searches quickly

Thanks to the accelerators , these mini smart forms, all you have to do is to type your research directly from your desktop to get the information in just one click.

Add them to your dock to customize your toolbar and create a universe that suits you on your desktop!

Receive all the information you want in real-time on your desktop

Do you want to be 'in-the-know' ? Do you want to be informed as soon as you receive your emails, about the latest news, Youtube videos, Facebook notifications or even about the brand new games and good deals on the Web? Thanks to its function of desktop notification, Bubble Dock will send you the information in real-time with:

Notifications activated from your Apps (Facebook, news, emails, daily deals…)
Notifications linked with your Internet browsing will show you good deals (vouchers and discounts) or new Apps to add to your dock according to your preferences.
Bubbledock is an application guaranteed virus, adware and spyware free.
Configuration requirements : PC, Windows 2000 and later, Internet Explorer 6 and later.

Developed by Nosibay
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